Tuxedo Dressing in Different Ways

A friend of mine has sent out a dinner invite to me with a theme “Dress Like a Man”. After turning the card over, there was a note saying, “Dress in your best Tux”. I initially thought it was a joke but when I RSVP’d, I did ask her what the codes were all about.

She was mum about it but kept telling me to wear my best tuxedo. Since I do not have a tuxedo with me and it was a bit late to have one made, I searched Google for Tuxedos and got intrigued because there was a suggestive phrase, tuxedo dress.

I clicked on that and I was brought to a certain kind of fashion that I have never known – tuxedo dress. Okay, before you all hit the X button on me, let me explain. Yes, I know what tuxedos are. Men wear them on formal events but tuxedos for women? What I envision is a tuxedo being worn by a woman paired with dress pants. Right?

I browsed through online and did actually see a lot of nice tuxedo dresses at Resultly and Ebay.

I think Jennifer Lawrence and I have the same idea of what a tuxedo dress is – an oversized tuxedo.

I stumbled upon a Rachel Zoe dress and it was gorgeous. The tuxedo lining was kept as the main focus of the dress and instead of it just being a bland tuxedo jacket; she overlapped the satin lining and created a large pleat in the middle making it a simple shift dress. This can be paired with a boots or strappy heels depending on where you would be going, I guess.

As the hunt for the dress continues, I was also led to check dresses here on Resultly. Click here to see. There were different cuts of the tux that made it interesting for yours truly.

I don’t think I have seen any other color for this dress other than black, white or the combination of both. Because of this, I think you can inject colors on your accessories like your shoes, bags or neckpieces but of course if you would want to let the masculine effect stay, it is best to just stick with the color palette.

Since this dress has really interest me, I think I might need to get two of these dresses because it will not only be perfect for that dinner party but I can also include this in my work wardrobe. Remember, one can never have too many dresses.

Now, I need to check if I have the shoes to go with it. Also, need to make a mental note to thank my friend for this. Laters!