Leopard booties to clinch the date

So last weekend my girl friends and I are on our way downtown to go out in the city. As we’re in the cab heading to the bar, my one friend says, “do you guys want to stop by the boys to pregame?” The boys being her guy friends from college, so we say sure, whynot. Tell the cabbie to keep heading up north until we get to their bach pad. I had met them a few times before but naturally I had to reintroduce myself. Nice guys, but is my face really not that memorable? Rude. So we’re talking, standing around the kitchen, etc, then we finally decide to hit up the bar scene. So off we go, hop in the cabs, get to the bars and order a drink. We’re standing around cheering, talking, flirting, having a great time. Long story short and I’ll skip the gory details, but I hit it off with one of the guys. He was nice, fun, and super cute- nothing more a girl needs. The night lasted a while, we had such a fun time which led into a great morning. The girls and I left, headed home, wondering what had just happened and where this would take us.

Well it took me to a date night, and this is where I know you guys are interested! So, he asked me on a date and I undoubtedly said yes. Dinner and drinks sounded good to me, so now it’s time for the juicy details: MY OUTFIT!

I had this super amazing red dress I bought from Lulu’s that I really wanted to wear. I had bought it for a family shindig in Viva Las Vegas, and was waiting for a time to wear it out.

We planned to go out at 8pm. The perfect time for a date. So now that I had the dress picked out, I needed the shoes. After major contemplation as to what style and color I thought would look best, I decided to go with the MICHAEL Michael Kors Pointed Toe Leopard Booties. I Found them using this cool app called Resultly!

I’m literally freaking out just looking at these gorgeous pieces of gold. Nothing could have gone better with the dress, and I think he seemed to agree. If you want to feel bold, confident, and beautiful, on a first date, 300th date, or any occasion in between, leopard and red is the way to do it.  It might even be the ultimate way to a man’s heart. No stats behind that… yet ;)

Let me know if there’s other occasions you want me to post the perfect outfits about, but here you have it for my spicy first date out!