How To Wear Peplum | DC Bo’s Blog

Out of all the different styles of dresses, the peplum skirt is by far the most popular. For one, on all the Red Carpet events I have seem numerous celebrities wear them. Take a look at this snapshot of all these different celebrities strutting the red carpet in either peplum skirts or peplum dresses:

It seems that this is all the same peplum dress, but there are numerous times I could count celebs wearing peplum to some event. However, I have noticed that for most of the occasions that I have seen them worn, black was a popular color. Perhaps its because the peplum shape itself brings so much extra curvature to one’s figure that black keeps it toned down. I have seen colored peplum skirts worn really well, but black is a more popular choice.

I was never really enthralled by peplum. Whether it was a peplum top, skirt or dress I have been hesitant to wear any of those styles. The reason for this disinterest in peplum is because it is so easy to choose a color or brand that is unflattering. Like I said, the peplum style is simply an extra layer of material that is usually placed at the hips, often adding more of a curve or extension to your hips. If the material used to create the dress is good quality and the color is right you can make it work. I found a few on Resultly that were great choices.

I also found a nice peplum skirt that is perfect for NYE! Take a look at this cute gold peplum skirt I found on Tobi.

I love this peplum skirt for NYE! Even though the color is a brighter gold, I don’t think it should be unflattering. The material seems to be strong enough to keep everything in place. I also like how the peplum in this case doesn’t extend too far out on the sides, and is more of a material surround the entire top half of the skirt. This skirt is about $40, so if you’re not looking to spend too much money for a NY dress, simply pair it with a crop top or body suit and you’re ready for the night!

If you’re looking for a more conservative peplum skirt, but are willing to spend some more dinero, I found a great one on Nasty Gal.

This is a great skirt if you’re looking for some structure and sexiness in your skirt. The peplum design at the top adds some definition and the slit in the front adds sex appeal to the long black skirt. You can pair it with an oversized tee like they did with this model, or you can pair it with a crop top or body suit. I love this skirt because you can wear it to a work event, family party or wear it on a night out with your friends. Simply change the top depending on what occasion you are getting ready for. Since the long pencil like skirt already hugs the skirt the slit helps lift this tightness from the entire look. I also like that it is high waisted. The tight fit at the waist helps flatter your figure. I hope one of these peplum skirts will be one of your choices!