Fur and Fold Over Combat Boots

I can’t believe that combat boots are still triumphing in the fashion world today. It seems that some fads seem to die fast. For example, off the top of my head I can list a few: berkenstocks, church girl shirts, juicy couture track suits etc. However, there are many trends that I would have expected to die out that continue to persevere in the fashion world. First most surprising one are Ugg boots. Yes, the ugly Australian “beach shoes” that people chose to wear in the winter are domineering to this day. This also has to do with the fact that the Ugg company has expanded their style of shoes. Uggs used to just include the long or short boots, but then Ugg introduced slippers, loafers, and even cute stylish “non-suede” boots. So as far as the combat boots, I think it is in a similar pattern. Combat boots used to be very basic. Black grungy combat lace-up boot. Now, there are all sorts of boot lengths, colors, combat heeled boots, and one of the most popular now are the fold over combat boots.

Take a look at this snap of a few high-fashion models sporting fold over combat boots:

The great thing about fold over combat boots is that you can wear them with pretty much anything. The model on the left and right look very chic and classic, but they add some variety to their outfit by adding the combat boots. The model in the middle looks a little more grungy (matching the style of the combat boots) with her frayed and flared out skirt.

I love the way the fold over combat boots look. I actually don’t own a pair of fold over combat boots, but I have a regular lace-up black combat boots. I’ve been looking for the fold-over combat boots because I think they are a great mix to the regular old combat  boot. Here’s a cute pair I found in Macy’s:

If you’re looking for a classic fold over combat boot, this one is for you. Its super affordable, the leather looks well made, and its the perfect length hitting about mid-calf.

If you’re looking for a warm winter fold over combat boot, I found a perfect pair on Zappos. I love combat boots, but they aren’t always the warmest of boots. But, I also hate wearing my big chunky fur Sorrel boots. I’m definitely getting these Steve Madden boots:

I can’t wait until these arrive. Per usual, the weather in Chicago has been unpredictable, ranging from 12 degrees to 50 degrees, but I would say I’m safe to wear these fold over fur combat boots. I also found some other really cute fur fold over combat boots and some other varieties on Resultly.

As much as I complained about certain trends that have not ended yet, I will admit I was also a customer of Ugg, Church Girl shirts, berkenstocks, you name it. This doesn’t mean you can’t change up the trend and make it look a little original and different. So, with these combat boots I decided to go with the fur fold over combat boots to be a little “unique”.