Color Alert: Cobalt | DC Bo’s Blog

Blue is my favorite color. I do not have blue colored eyes but whenever I wear this color, I feel that my facial features are being highlighted and it seems to be a very calm color, which does not make my look aggressive or dull but just an in-between since a friend of mine said that my face looks very stern like a librarian.

I think I own about every shade of blue that the fashion industry has released and now, I have my eyes set on this color, Cobalt Blue.

I have been seeing a lot of dresses with this color so I got intrigued and being a fanatic, I have to get myself one no, let me correct that I need to get one.

Resultly’s website has a lot of offerings for this dress and one of them is this Guess cobalt blue dress.

I think this color is a cross between electric blue and royal blue. It looks very regal, like the color of royalty. If I own this dress, I would not accessorize much. The dress and the color in itself can stand on its own. Black pointed pumps can be paired off with this dress if you plan to wear this on a very important client meeting or strappy sandals if you will be going out for a date. This dress is perfect for those first dates since you want to make a first impression with that guy, right? You can accentuate the look by maybe adding a scarf over your neck or a long faux pearl necklace.

Laidback cobalt blue dresses are also famous for the celebrities. has even featured dresses worn by Blake Lively, Zoeey Deschanel even what was worn by the Duchess of Cambridge. Want to steal their look? Check this link from Resultly: to get more casual cobalt dresses to choose from.

Seeing these fashion inspirations made me love this color more. I don’t think it is not that hard to pair off this color. Blake Lively was even able to pair her cobalt blue dress with coral strappy sandals!

There really is no need to convince me to get one because I definitely will! I just need to look for my credit card so that I can start purchasing these dresses. Did I just say dresses? Oh yes, I plan to purchase two or three cobalt blue dresses. You will never know how many blue dresses that you will need for the whole year, right? LOL! Purchase justified!