Ankle Strap Flats | DC Bo’s Blog

Ankle strap flats are a great way to dress up any look! I’m all about wearing flats, they are comfy and cute, especially ones that have a strap, they are a great way to dress up any look! I’m obsessed and I’m here to tell you why you should be obsessed as well. They are so cute.

I’m just loving this super cute style. From pointy to flats to the traditional rounded toe flats, make sure they have a strap!

I recently found this great app and it is a great resource to find ankle strap flats. It is called Resultly! It is a pretty cool shopping app in general, but when I did my search for ankle strap flats I was given so many great results. You can check them out here: Just so many fun options.

Now I’m going to show you some of my favorite ways to wear this great new style. They are a great way to dress up a pair of jeans. You can also totally get away with wearing this fun style with a skirt or dress! Weather it is an evening out or a day in the office you’ve got to get on top of this shoe trend.

As I was saying before, ankle strap flats are a great wardrobe investment since you can dress them down and dress them up with ease. Check out this blog for even more info on how to do so! I just love how versatile this shoe is!

From denim to evening wear these flats really hold up. I also really like how they add such a classy vibe to any look. I’m super obsessed with that black top and skirt look! Isn’t it chic.

Ankle strap flats are such a great shoe for those nights you do not want to wear heels.  I’m pretty tall, and these are a must when I don’t want to be towering over my friends! They are also perfect for a night full of dancing or if you are spending the day walking around town.

Speaking of, if you are planning a vacation, I would strongly suggest packing a neutral pair of ankle strap flats since they are so versatile.

I purchased mine from Nordstrom, and I love them. I’m constantly getting compliments on them.  Seriously, they are like my favorite purchase ever. I would highly suggest purchasing a pair that are of a nicer quality.

Alright, thats all ladies! Go out and get those ankle strap flats!